Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fabulous and Fun

The Grace Episcopal Church in Millbrook was the setting for this very special celebration. The church, built in 1901 and modeled after the church of Stoke Poges in England, is a gorgeous stone and stucco structure on the outside and a breathtaking sea of wood, brick and stained glass artistry on the inside. We were awestruck by the beauty the moment we walked in the door.

The ceremony was personal and sweet with a touch of unexpected humor. It is so common now to see cell phones inside the church. Most of the time you see them pop out when the bride and groom exit the church so that the guests can snap a quick picture. This time was a first for us. The groom's Grandfather got four words into his reading when his cell phone rang. A roar of laughter filled the church. He quickly apologized for the disturbance, took out his cell, pushed a button, put it back in his jacket and began his reading again. Four words in and again his cell phone rang. Another, more intense, roar of laughter filled the church as the grandfather again removed the cell from his jacket and opened it and this time,to lighten the mood further, said, "I already paid my bill." The bride and groom laughed right along with the crowd looking at each other and the bridal party. The rest of the ceremony was cell phone silent.

The reception was at the Grandview in Poughkeepsie. The guests arrived just in time to take advantage of the patio as the sun started to set. With the unseasonably beautiful weather, many guests were outside enjoying the sights, sounds and cool breeze. What a beautiful place to relax, watch the boats go by and have a cocktail and a quick bite to eat before the party.

The reception hall was beautifully decorated right down to the most amazingly perfect floral centerpieces we have ever seen. There was not a flaw to be found this day. It was all perfection and attention to every detail. It's very hard for me not to post a hundred pictures for this wedding. The details, the dress, the flowers, the ring... maybe there will be another post to come once I actually get into the final edit.

As the cocktail hour ended and guests spilled into the room, the bridal party was in the hall planning their entrances. They entered to the song "Men in Black" and each group had choreographed a little something for their walk in. The highlight of the bridal party had to be the best man when he removed his jacket and sunglasses (which they all were wearing) and dropped to the floor to do the worm.

Not to be outdone by the best man, the bride and groom took a non-typical approach as well, exploding through the doors and dancing to the dance floor to "Bring em Out". Once on the floor, the bridal party joined in, giving a hint of the party to come. Once the high energy entrances were complete, the bride and groom shared their first dance. It was a choreographed number that didn't quite work out as planned, but that didn't stop this couple from using the floor and giving the most fun first dance that we have seen.
High energy, fast paced foot-work, audience participation and smiles on their faces from beginning to end. Below is a video clip to share. It is not the best quality because blogs only allow for a small amount of space for video. This is a test to see if I can share other video clips on the blog in the future. I hope that you enjoy Kristen and Hunter's very fun first dance.

Wedding Details:
Ceremony: Grace Episcopal Church, Millbrook, NY
Reception: The Grandview, Poughkeepsie, NY
Photography by: Lori O'Toole Images
Reception Entertainment: The DJ Solution