Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Anniversary Session with Marissa and Justin

Long overdue for posting, this clip is the companion to our trash the dress video.  An Anniversary Session, Post Wedding Session or Rock the Dress Session is a great way to get more than one use out of your dress (and unlike the Trash the Dress, you don't have to get dirty).  We had such a great time shooting with Marissa and Justin.  They were both really ready to just get outside and have some fun!

Each year when Spring finally arrives, we just can't wait to get outside and create!  If you want to go out and have some fun with us, now's the time to secure your spot!  Hope you enjoy the clip!

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If you missed Marissa and Justin's Trash the Dress video, you can see it here.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Congratulations Kristin and Dave!

Kristin and Dave hosted our first wedding of the season and we couldn't think of a better way to kick start 2011!!  What a memorable wedding!!  There was the undeniable love between Kristin and Dave, a strong sense of family embedded throughout, surprises for their guests and all the sparkly details!

I want to start this post off with a preview clip and then post a few stills with some of the fun details and events from this beautiful wedding.

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and don't forget to check out the clip of Kristin's dance with her dad below.

Kristin looked like she walked right off the silver screen in her gorgeous Martina Liana dress with all the crystal and vintage styled details.  Now, I'm not an expert when it comes to fashion by decade, but this looks like a dress Rita Hayworth could have worn in the forties.  Such a beautiful gown; stylish, flattering and fun.  I was so happy that she asked us to be there for her bridal preparations.  When so much detail goes into your look, it's important to have that documented and the footage we got that morning is priceless (Kristin and her look had A LOT to do with it).  Flawless and absolutely stunning is how I would describe Kristin.  Her look was a combination of smart purchases, hand made items, gifts and borrows that made it all come together.  Her earrings were a Christmas gift from her parents.  Her garter was made by her sister, Kerry.  The fur she wore to shelter her open back from the frigid temperature during pictures is vintage and borrowed from her mom's best friend, Gail (Kristin calls her aunt because they're so close).  At the last minute, Gail couldn't make it to the wedding, so she sent up her fur for Kristin to wear.  Kristin said it was nice to have a reminder of Gail with her on her wedding day.  It added to her look perfectly as well!

From her hair clip and jewelry to the detail on the dress and the shoes, Kristin shimmered from head to toe.  In the stills below you can see some of the sparkly goodness; Crystals in her bouquet, crystal detail on the front and back of her dress, delicate crystal details on her straps and those spectacular shoes!! 

Let's talk a little more about those spectacular shoes.  Can you believe they were a DIY project for Kristin??  I know!  They were absolutely perfect and so well done that I could hardly believe she put every crystal on them herself.  The amount of time, work and patience that went into making these sparkly beauties was well worth it!  They were a total show stopper and the perfect hidden detail that would peak out with every step!   Absolutely fabulous!

Of course, to go with the sparkle on the bride, there had to be sparkle at the wedding.  Kristin and Dave's wedding took place at The Fountains in Middletown, NY.  The sun drenched the ceremony space adding to the glimmer coming off Kristin's dress and accessories and helped make their ceremony even more magical.  When the reception space was revealed, it was just as brilliant from the crystals on the tables to the bling on the cake.  The staff did a great job of making the room beautiful! 

Because Kristin and Dave decided to do their photos before their ceremony, we set up a moment for them to see each other before the photos.  We brought Dave outside to wait for Kristin so they could still have that moment of surprise when the groom first sees the bride.  Picture one is Dave anxiously waiting for Kristin to arrive and the second is when he got his first look at her all glammed up.   After a few peaks at the details, it was off to take some photos!

A big surprise for the guests was the dinner entertainment that Kristin and Dave had arranged; Aisha, a belly dancer!  Not only was she fun to watch, but audience participation was encouraged and expected.  I think one of my favorite moments is when Aisha was dancing with Kristin's Dad and you can see her Grandmother dancing in the background (you can see this in the preview clip above.  Too cute!!).  Everyone enjoyed Aisha's performance and guidance as she demonstrated some key moves, especially the kids.  I think a few little proteges may have been born on the dance floor.  Many of the guests continued to utilize their newly discovered, hip shaking moves well into the evening as DJ Domenic supplied them with tunes to keep them dancing.

I saved the best part for last.  No wedding is complete without the love of family and friends, but there was a very special family member that took center stage (next to her mom).

This wedding was not only about bringing two people in love together.  It was also about forming a new family.  When he proposed, Dave included Kristin's daughter, Scarlett, by having her hold a bouquet of flowers and even let her pop the question (Well sort of, he asked her again after Scarlett did).  Kristin said that she was so touched by Dave including Scarlett in the proposal.  On the day of their wedding, Scarlett was also a very big part of the day.  Not only did she have the honor of being flower girl, but was also the center of her own special vow ceremony where Dave promised to care for her and she was given a necklace from the two of them because Scarlett is the key to their hearts.  The unity sand ceremony was a family affair as well.  All three of them filled a picture frame with three colors of sand to represent the three of them becoming one family.  Group hugs and a series of blown kisses from Scarlett to her great grandmother ended these moments to make you smile, laugh and tear up.  It was all so precious and lovely.  What a great way to start off our wedding season!!  Thank you, Kristin and Dave (and Scarlett) for letting us take part in this very special day in your lives!  

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and don't forget to check out the clip of Kristin's dance with her dad.

Location: The Fountains at the WallKill Golf Club, Middletown, NY
DJ: DJ Domenic Entertainment
Belly Dancer: Aisha - exquisite belly dancing

Awesome Father Daughter Dance!

Kristin and her dad blew guests away with this dance!  Surprise dances between the bride and groom are growing in popularity due to viral videos posted all over YouTube, but I haven't seen any with the bride and her dad.  This clip begins with the parent dance already in progress so you can see the fun stuff faster.  

Just a note to Kristin's Dad from us:  You totally rock!!

Enjoy the clip!

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