Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Music Drives the Visual: A Preview for Kate & Brian

ate and Brian were married this year at one of my favorite churches, St Peter's in Rosendale, NY. It's a grand brick church with iron work on the door, huge wooden trusses holding up the very high ceiling and gorgous stained glass windows. It is a magnificent space. Kate had been attending services in this church since she was a little girl and it was very important to her that it be highlighted in a special way. When I met with Kate and Brian to plan out their wedding video, I showed them an example from a video that I had done in the past and Kate loved how the beautiful details of the church were captured.

The driving force behind that video segment was the music. There is an anticipation you hear throughout the song as well as an ethereal moment where there is a chance to take a breath. From there to the end, more anticipation until you get to final and most anticipated moment. The music drives the visual with drama, soothing calm and exhilaration all at the same time. Music is so key in capturing the feeling of a modern, cinematic wedding video. Not only should it reflect the personality, style, and taste of the couple choosing the music, but in the right videographer's hands, it should really help to evoke the emotions felt on this most special occasion. It should be a stunning representation of the way that you felt on your wedding day.

have the clip from Kate and Brian's video below to share. I hope that you all enjoy it!