Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Year's Eve Inspired Wedding Shoot at The Roundhouse

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Check out this beautiful New Year's Eve inspired Styled Shoot we did at The Roundhouse.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Grace's Bridal Prep

We've have the greatest luck in getting to work with some of the sweetest couples and Grace and Jimmy are no exception.  When we found out they were animal lovers, we knew we would get along great!

When we were planning their wedding film and going over the details of what was important to include, their dogs, Baloo and Betty, were at the top of the list. Their dogs are a big part of their lives.  As you'll see in the film clip below, photos of Grace and Jimmy together and together with the dogs are all over their home. Their sweet dogs were also included in their engagement photos.

Tragically, the month before their wedding, Baloo passed away. Grace decided to have him walk down the aisle with her, in spirit, by including his name tag on her bouquet.  We knew that we could find a way to honor Baloo in their wedding film and her bride's prep segment was the perfect place.  Among all the details, excitement of getting ready and the bright smiles, especially from Grace, you will see clips of both Betty and Baloo.

Here is Grace's Bridal prep featuring both of their dogs. We hope you enjoy it.

There is more to come from Grace and Jimmy.  To see clips as soon as they are up, please stop by our Facebook page and like us.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Anniversary Project: Krystle + Nick

Three years ago, we had the pleasure of filming Krystle + Nick getting married in front of their family and friends here in New York, but next month, they will be celebrating their four year wedding anniversary. Wait. What?

Krystle and Nick had a beautiful, small elopement ceremony on the shore in Hawaii, where Nick was stationed with the Army. Almost a year later, they came to New York to have a vow renewal ceremony and reception to celebrate with their family and friends. Seeing the moments when Krystle and Nick were lost in each other that day, it was clear how much in love they are and nothing has changed. Well, maybe a few things.

Their three kids, Morgan, Veda-Lynne and Logan, who were in the wedding, got older and bigger and Krystle and Nick welcomed another boy, Thomas, into their family just over a year ago.

They are also back on the mainland now, currently in Georgia, but duty calls, so the family will be moving again at the end of the year. Such is the life of this happy Army family.

We wish lots of love and continued happiness to Krystle + Nick on their anniversary as they celebrate with their adorable kids!

Friday, October 16, 2015

Anniversary Project: Jennifer + Matthew

Jen and Matt were married ten years ago in our most favorite time of year, Fall. They had the Fall theme woven into many aspects of their wedding, from the colors in the bouquets and the bridal party dresses to their pumpkin centerpieces and maple syrup in glass leaf favors. Jen was also our first DIY bride. She bought leaves and customized her escort cards. When we filmed her bridal prep, she gave me a handful of leftover leaves to incorporate into the cover art design for her DVD.


Their wedding was also memorable for the dancing. We'll never forget the fun guests had on the dance floor, from the enthusiasm the family showed while dancing to every Michael Jackson song to the friend that did the worm for them twice. It was high energy all night long. We had the opportunity to catch the family on the dance floor again when Matt's sister, Laura, had us film her wedding four years later. It's always so much fun to film a wedding, but even more when the family and guests are having such a great time. This family will always be remembered by us for their energy and fancy footwork!

Jen and Matt's film was the first where we could incorporate the bride's and groom's pets. When they got their video back, they were surprised we were able to capture all of their pets in the video, especially Tyler, their cat that hid most of the time in the upstairs bedroom. We've always thought of our own pets as family members, so we have always made sure that when pets are present as we film weddings that they should get screen time too. Since Jen and Matt's wedding, we have filmed countless weddings where pets have played a role in the film and each time our couples are happy to have the memory of their furry family members in their films.

So, what have Jen and Matt been up to lately? Here is what Jen wrote to us:

Ten years of marriage has been fun, and very challenging. We have three kids, one dog and three kitties.

 Our dog Jake is now quickly approaching 14 years of age.  Our cat Tyler is now 12. We lost our cat Brix to kidney failure almost 3 years ago, so Matt decided to surprise me with our newest kitties, Leo and Ginger. They were rescued from a hoarder who had hundreds of cats in her home and in a storage unit. They just turned two. 

Our son, Nicolas, turned nine in July. Amelia, our daughter, will be seven in December and Nolan, our youngest, just turned four in September. 

I am a stay at home mom now and I love being home with my kids. They are growing and changing so quickly. Matt is still a financial planner and works very hard, so I can be here with the kids. It's not always easy (almost never actually) but I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Congratulations to Jen and Matt on ten beautiful years together!

Friday, October 9, 2015

Published: The Wedding Chicks Blog!

Today, our video is featured on the Wedding Chicks blog!

Follow the link to check out the full post:

Planner/Designer: Angela, Elite Wedding and Event Planning
Rentals/Designer: Tammy, Hudson Valley Vintage Rentals
Flowers: Dancing Tulip Floral
Cakes & Catering: Abby's Dessert Bar
Paper Goods & Calligraphy: Flyaway Paperworks
Beauty: Heaven On Wheels Spa and Wellness
Venues & Officiants: Winding Hills Golf Club
Photographer: Custom by Nicole

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

10th Anniversary Project: Katy + John


This week, Katy + John celebrate their 9th Anniversary.  These two have been up to quite a lot over the past 9 years, from a new house and a new business, for Katy, to two daughters and a busy life for all.  Even though nine years have past, it still seems like we filmed their beautiful wedding at Onteora Mountain House yesterday. So, what have they been up to since their wedding day?

Shortly after Katy + John were married, they purchased the house across the street from them (the owner, in turn, purchased their house). They had a crazy ‘swap houses’ day where they moved everything from their old house to the new house and everything from the new house to the old house. They then went into renovation-mode, and practically gutted the house, and added an addition. 

In the same week that the construction crew arrived to start working, John and Katy discovered Katy was pregnant with their first child. That same week, they moved out of the new house and into her mother’s house for nearly a year and a half while construction was ongoing. Their first child, Annabelle, was born in October 2008. They moved back into their new house in May 2009. Baby number two, Maggie, was born in April 2011.

Immediately after their honeymoon, Katy started a new job as a Creative Director at a local marketing firm. In February 2009, Katy started her own design business: Katy Dwyer Design, as a side business, and in 2014, she was able to make it her full-time job. Katy continues to work as a designer and creative director, and her business grew by leaps and bounds. She has newly partnered with a colleague and started a brand new local marketing firm, Hand in Hand Marketing, just this August. 

Professionally, John is still at Quilty, Dwyer, and Larkin Insurance Agency, and is currently Vice Chair of City of Kingston Planning Board (of which he’s been a member for over 7 years). A member of the Ancient order of Hibernians, John got involved with a group of Hibernians who wanted to build an Irish Cultural Center in Kingston in 2011. The Irish Cultural Center Hudson Valley is a non-profit group dedicated to promoting and preserving Irish and Irish-American heritage and culture. The ICCHV purchased land on the Kingston Rondout in 2013 and hopes to build the center in the near future. In March of 2013, John was honored to be chosen as the Grand Marshal of the Kingston St. Patrick’s Day Parade. 

With two kids in tow, their favorite activities include attending Irish Festivals, or any other local activities (Gardiner Cupcake Festival, Apple Picking, Farmers Markets, local zoos, etc.), and when vacationing, they make it their mission to explore local breweries and wineries. They’ve taken three ferry trips from Cape May to Delaware to visit the Dogfish Head Brewery, and love seeing their friends from their favorite Seneca Lake winery, Atwater Vineyards, every year at the Hudson Valley Wine and Food Festival. They make a yearly trek (sans kids) to Katy’s college town, Bethlehem, PA, for the Celtic Classic, and have twice made it out to John’s alma mater to see his beloved Ohio State Buckeyes during football season.

Congratulations to Katy and John on the beautiful life they've created with their two adorable girls! We wish them continued happiness and love in the future!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

10th Anniversary Project: Laura + John

Laura and John were married nine years ago today.  We loved Laura and John the second we met them.  We found that we had a lot in common; preserving of and appreciation for the past, rescue animals, creativity and crafts being among them.

 So many things about their wedding excited us!  They were getting married where we had been married just three years before and were excited to go back and experience another wedding there. Their wedding was going to be a mixture of vintage romance and diy chic and many of the details and activities were going to be personalized, which we love!

Laura planned to have vintage family photographs on display, vintage-styled decor and accessories and my favorite, her bouquet was a gorgeous recreation of her grandmother's bouquet from the 1940's. Rather than tossing her bouquet at the reception, Laura presented it to her Nana.  It was a sweet and sentimental moment, the ones we love the most!

Another standout moment was when Laura and John read Words of Wisdom. Each table had a floral box in which guests were to write some advice to them for their marriage. Many couples do these types of things, but no one ever gets to hear the advice, so they read a few random cards for their guests at the wedding.  When it came time to edit their film, I asked Laura to send me some of the advice they were given, so I could incorporated a few into their film. They served as a great transition between segments and, in a way, mimicked the activities in each segment. It's still one of our favorite personal details that we put into a film and it's unique to only their film. This is why we love our job so much!

Of course, we have to mention all the crafty details.  Laura spent a lot of time crafting many items for the wedding including pink tissue paper flowers and coasters for the cocktail hour tables, scrolls and escort cards for each of her guests, personalized table names with photos and descriptions of their significance and her programs and invitations. A lot of work and it was all worth it for the personal touch it gave their wedding.

Their vintage theme gave me the opportunity to use black and white during some segments and play with some effects that we don't use very often.  I especially loved the look of the black white and sepia toned shots with the color effect that left her bouquet pink.  Kind of a fun effect that gets really overused now, but these shots are still so pretty and it was a perfect fit for their vintage look.

So what have they been up to since their wedding? We heard from Laura last year when she was looking for another copy of her wedding film. She is very much like us in that she likes to have several back-ups of everything, just in case.  When we saw her, she was as pregnant as she is in the photo below.  Just a short time after we saw her, Laura and John welcomed their daughter, Aliceen, to the world.  She is now 18 months old and cute as a button!!

When we fist met them, both Laura and John were in the beginning of their careers as special education teachers and they were volunteering with dog rescues, both of which they continue to do today.  When they got married, they had a rescued greyhound named Freeda, as in Freed-a Greyhound - yes, they share our sense of humor too. 

Later, they became interested in agility training and adopted two Jack Russel Terriers named Avery and Hidee.  Currently they are working with Russel Refuge in Rhinebeck, a shelter specializing in Jack Russel dogs and puppies that are surrendered or found in local shelters.  In 2014, Russel Refuge suffered a devastating fire, in which 13 dogs Laura and John knew perished. After the fire, Laura and John adopted Tink, an older dog that survived the fire.  She is the latest addition to this big, happy bunch.

Along with the updated photos, Laura sent us her own words of wisdom:
"We believe we all have choices in life and John and I try their best to choose love and happiness each day. It's brought us through 9 fantastic years."

Now, that is great advice! 
Happy Anniversary, Laura + John!