Thursday, December 9, 2010

Linda and Vince

Like many brides, Linda didn't think that she wanted a videographer.  We heard from her one month before her wedding.  On her initial call to me, it seemed like she was still a bit hesitant.  She said she hadn't planned for a video but her friends insisted she look into it.  Her main concerns were the visibility of the cameras by her guests making them uncomfortable, herself and her husband being followed around by an obnoxious camera person all day and having the cameras in their faces.  These concerns aren't unusual and are the main reason some couples never consider hiring a videographer.  This year we saw a flood of last minute bookings from people uncertain about video, but intrigued enough by what they saw to give us a call.  

The thing about wedding video is that, unlike photography, you don't truly appreciate a video until you see it.  At weddings, there is so much happening and because you are the focus, you will end up missing a lot, even if you really try to take it in (trust me.  I thought I would remember everything too).  All the weddings we film for people who never initially budgeted for a video tend to be so much fun (what wedding isn't fun, right?).  Often when we're on our way home from these weddings, Mike and I will say, "I can't imagine not having that wedding on film!  I'm so glad we were there!  What a great party, personal ceremony, heartfelt toast, beautiful decor, etc..."  Linda and Vince's wedding was no exception.

Linda and Vince were married at the gorgeous Belvedere Mansion overlooking breathtaking valley views and the majestic Hudson River.  They had a beautiful outdoor ceremony in the mansion's garden and a high energy, fun filled reception under the tent.  Dancing was powered by The Big Smoothies, a great local band out of Port Ewen.  If you're looking, give them a call!  We'll most likely be posting a dance set from this wedding because we absolutely loved them and so did Linda, Vince and their guests.  They had them on the dance floor all night long and even let them help sing some songs.  It was an unforgettable night for us as I'm sure it was for Linda, Vince, their families and friends.

Have a look at this clip for yourself and tell me that this wedding didn't need to be filmed.

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Congratulations to Linda and Vincent on a beautiful wedding day.  Thank you for asking us along!