Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Corin's Bridal Prep at The Rhinecliff Hotel

We feel so lucky to have so many wonderful couples find us and choose us to film their weddings!  It is truly an honor to be trusted with such a great responsibility and to have the privilege of seeing such beautiful celebrations of love happen in front of us.  There was no exception when it came to Corin and Albert's wedding at the Rhinecliff Hotel.

We are so glad that Corin, a total sweetheart, and her adoring groom, Albert, asked us to film their wedding!  In the first conversation I had with Corin, she told me that when she watched our samples online, she was sitting at her computer crying over each one she watched, even though the couples in them were complete strangers to her.  She said if videos with people she didn't know had this type of effect on her, she knew that she had to call and book us right away for her wedding.  What a huge compliment it is for us to hear that our films not only touch the couples we make them for, but also touch the hearts of strangers who view them.  After I met with her and Albert, I became very excited about being asked to film their wedding.  I just knew, like Corin did, that we were a perfect fit for their wedding.  She explained that it was going to be a short and sweet ceremony with a simple, intimate and fun reception with all the details being personal to them.  Boy did they deliver!  Not a dry eye during the ceremony and a lively party with a sea of smiling faces!  We absolutely love weddings that are centered around who the couple is with every detail expressing who they are!  I think that most guests love these types of weddings too!

Corin's jewelry choices weren't your typical bridal fare of diamonds or pearls.  She wore pieces that represented her grandparents.  Butterfly shaped earrings to remind her of her paternal grandmother who loved butterflies, a flame pendant for her paternal grandfather who served as a firefighter for 37 years and a bracelet with delicate apple beads for her maternal grandfather who she remembers apple picking with as a child.

Albert's wedding band was special as well.  The core of his band is his maternal grandfather's wedding band.  He had it plated to make his wedding ring.  I love the idea of wearing or re-purposing heirloom jewelry!  This is a such a sweet way to honor a loved one!

The bouquets and boutonnieres were made by the bride's Aunt Sue.  She crafted the white roses from crepe paper and paired them with the natural, dried green hydrangeas and lovely black ribbon accents.  Corin's bouquet was beautiful and it will last forever!

This was our first time at The Rhinecliff Hotel and we hope it won't be our last.   What a beautiful place for a wedding!  It manages to be classic, rustic, charming, vintage, country and modern all at the same time and you can't beat a beautiful views of the Hudson River.  With wrap around porches and balconies everywhere, there is always a way to access the views for a quick photo or just to take a break to watch the calming water.

The bridal suite was warm and welcoming with plenty of room to get ready.  It was a beautiful mix of rustic and modern with it's wide plank pine floors, exposed beams, dual balconies with sweeping views of the Hudson River and modern bathroom and furnishings.  The hotel sits near the Rhinecliff Amtrak train station which served as a great place for some post ceremony sunset photos.

This is part one of Corin's bridal prep which is has a lot of the funny moments (the super emotional and sweet part two may have to be posted at a later date).  Hope you enjoy it!
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There is so much more to say about and show from this wedding.  There will definitely need to be another post to show what the rest of this wedding looked like, if only to give you a look at their doughnut shaped wedding cake inspired by The Simpsons. FUN!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Nicole's Bridal Prep at Round Hill House

Nicole got ready in the bridal suite at her venue, Round Hill House in Washingtonville, surrounded by her mom, future mother-in-law, Maid of Honor, Flower Girl and a handful of family and friends.  It was so much fun filming it all as it happened.  Nicole was a very excited bride, so happy she was smiling or laughing practically the entire time.

Often bride's wonder if having us there to film getting ready is necessary because they will have it all covered in pictures, but the beauty of a video is getting to hear back all the interactions between everyone there.  It's these moments that you will forget and really enjoy watching back later. 

If I had to pick a few, my favorite moments in this clip would be when Nicole's mom grabs her veil and then watches as it's placed on her and the interactions between Nicole and her flower girl, Jacklyn as she puts blush on her cheeks, helps her with a garter and puts her shoes on.  Too cute for words!

Here is the clip of Nicole's Bridal Prep. Hope you enjoy!

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Production Team:
Venue: Round Hill House, Washingtonville, NY
Photographer: Allan and Vicki Levine, Allan E. Levine Photography

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Top Contender for Best Toast of 2012!

This past weekend we had the pleasure of spending the evening with Laura and Dave along with their family and friends for a gorgeous wedding at Brotherhood Winery.  Even though the weather was a bit damp (just a bit), it wasn't enough to dampen their spirits.  They were so happy to be married and so full of energy that it only intensified the warmth and energy in the room.

There were MANY, MANY, MANY memorable moments from the evening, many of which I'm sure I will post later, but one was the toast Laura's brother gave.  It featured bit of sentiment, a bit of family story telling, well wishes and one giant scene stealing bit that got a huge response.  Just a side note, if you want to give the perfect toast at a wedding, that is the formula.  Those elements together always make for a memorable toast!  (I have to give a shout out to Laura's parents too.  That toast may need to go up later!)

Congratulations to Laura and Dave!  We hope you enjoy this short clip from her brother's toast!

And now, we join this toast already in progress....
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