Friday, May 25, 2012

Diandra + Keith: Beautiful Ceremony at Catlin Gardens

Diandra and Keith had a beautiful wedding at Catlin Gardens last Sunday.  Their ceremony took place in the lush gardens next to a pond and under a tent to protect their guests from the sun.  Guests got to have a look at some of the beautiful gardens on their way over to the tent as they crossed a pond and waterfall by bridge and moved past several fountains.  Each guest was greeted with a beverage, most opting for campaign.

Their ceremony, officiated by Reverend Naomi Fay, was very personal.  You could tell that Diandra and Keith spend a lot of time selecting songs and working with Reverend  Naomi to let their love story shine.  DJ Larry Mulligan of Much Music supplied the music for the ceremony and photographer Rose Schaller took the beautiful photographs.  You can see some of the photos on Rose's blog.

Here is an edited version of their ceremony for you to have a look at.  Hope you enjoy!

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The Production Team
Location: Catlin Gardens, Slate Hill, NY
The Officiant: Reverend Naomi Fay
The Photographer:  Rose Schaller
The DJ: Larry Mulligan from Much Music