Thursday, April 30, 2015

Dina + Paul: A Wedding Nine Years in the Making

Dina + Paul met in 2006 and that was when we met them too.  It was at the wedding of Dina's sister, Stephanie. To say this day was a long time coming is not an exaggeration.  Even Paul's best man made reference to it in his toast saying, "Several times I did warn Paul that he'd better marry Dina before she came to her senses and decided to move on." 

This is the third wedding we've had the privilege of spending with this loving family.  We've watched three daughters get married and watched the family grow over the years. What started as a family of six has blossomed into a family of five couples with 10 grandchildren for their happy parents.

From Top Left: Stephanie + Andrew's Wedding, Krystle + Nick's Wedding, Dina + Paul's Wedding

Happy Couples + Happy Parents

A Proud Mom and Her Girls

Looking back over the wedding films we did for her sisters, you can see that Dina and Paul are just as in love as they were nine years ago.  It's also clear that the family loves Paul and they made him a part of the family right away.

Stephanie + Andrew's Wedding: 2006

Krystle + Nick's Wedding: 2012

Dina + Paul's Wedding: 2014

Here is a sneak peek at their wedding day with Dina's Prep. Hope you enjoy!

We've watched these wonderful parents transform from Mom and Dad to Grandma and Grandpa and we've watched their daughters progress from young ladies to wives and mothers. We hope that in the future each of the girls, their husbands and their kids will be just as happy as their parents are and will be just as proud of their children.

Congratulations to Dina + Paul on a beautiful wedding!  It was well worth the wait!