Friday, February 27, 2009

Personalize your video with a Love Story

When planning a wedding, most often couples consider location, photographer, and musical entertainment as the top vendors on the must-have list and often times view videography as luxury item instead of a necessity. In this day and age of media everywhere, it is a surprise to still hear couples say that they are not considering a video.

In part, this is due to the wedding videos of the past. The vidoes that have the cameraman in your face with a microphone and huge light burning your eyes out. The editing in the camera simply cut whenever the cameraman decided to stop recording. The VHS stuffed into a mass produced box and sold to the client as a "premium wedding case". Wedding video was in its infancy then. True, there are some videographers out there that still do it the old fashioned way - new equipment, same old style, but others have moved on.

Many videographers have taken on a more cinematic approach, creating a video with beautiful details and personal touches that make a wedding video a cherished heirloom, not just another DVD on the shelf never watched. It unfolds like a story and draws you in instead of looking like a home movie. You see and hear everything clearly, yet you don't know the videographer is there. Best of all, you will have a memory to watch instead of having to recall on your own all the days events and those leading up to it. The comments that I get most from our clients are "I never even knew that happened", "I didn't remember that happening" and "I'm so glad you were there to catch that." Ask a married family member or friend that has no video what they remember from their wedding day. You would be surprised how much gets lost. So much planning and detail go into this perfect day and it is over in the blink of an eye. What will you remember of that day? What about when you met and fell in love?

One way to take your wedding video to the next level and keep these precious memories alive is with the addition of a love story. A love story gets personal and helps to preserve the feelings that you have now and when you met and fell in love, making your video a true reflection of the two of you. It transforms your video into an heirloom that you would be proud to pass along to your children and grandchildren.

Here is a short clip from a love story segment that we did for Peri and Joseph where they talk about their proposal and some of the details of their wedding. Enjoy!

Gilded Age Highlights

I decided to include a highlights clip of Peri & Joseph's wedding as well. It wouldn't be right to show them talking about it and not share how their day turned out. In the clip you will see the dress that Peri designed and had made to look like Alice Roosevelt Longworth's dress as well as clips from their ceremony, choreographed first dance and the song that Peri sang (and wrote) for Joe. What a very personalized and unique wedding it was. Enjoy!