Thursday, April 30, 2009

Grandview Bridal Show

Thanks to all of you who stopped by to chat with us!
Here is our new sample just unveiled last night at the bridal show!
Hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Perhaps Love: A Father/Daughter Dance

A question often asked by my family and friends is, "Don't you ever get bored filming weddings?" My response is always the same. No. Although weddings are steeped in tradition and share many of the same events and emotions, the couples are different and they put their personalities into their weddings and may put their own spin on traditions. To me, that is what makes every wedding a unique experience. Even though they all share a first dance, you can see the special bond between each couple. Even though they cut a cake and feed each other, you can see the individual personalities shine through in every one. Even though many share a dance with their parents, some are funny, some are very emotional and some are a little of both.

Here is a sample of a parent dance from a wedding that I am currently editing that really struck a cord with me. I have been known to smile and shed a tear behind the camera as I film, but this was a totally different experience. When Kristin and her father got up to dance, I expected to hear a traditional, sentimental song (perfect for the father/daughter dance). When the music started, I immediately recognized the song. I saw the look of happiness on her dad's face as he recognized the song and then watched the two of them dance through my own watery eyes. The song was "Perhaps Love" by John Denver, a favorite of my father who passed away when I was a teenager. As I watched Kristin and her father dance, I saw the emotion of a father giving away his daughter to her new husband and also shared in the moment as I wondered what it might have been like to dance to that song with my father. Even when I watched it back as I edited this clip, I found myself in tears again. What a perfect song to share with your father and a beautiful example of a dance between a father and a daughter; sentimental, emotional and sweet, but still light-hearted and fun enough to make you smile. I hope that you see it too.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Mohonk Memories

When Beth and Rob asked us to be the videographers for their wedding at Mohonk Mountain House, we couldn't wait for their wedding day to arrive. Mohonk is one of our favorite locations for a wedding or just to hike and relax by the water. It is such a beautiful site with so many amazing locations for pictures (especially if you are willing to hike up a mountain in a gown and heels like so many of our brides are, surprisingly). Since we love Monhonk so much, it seems that everytime I edit a clip from there, I fall in love with it and need to post it.

Thank you to Beth and Rob for giving us another opportunity to go to a place that we love to do what we love and for being so cute and sweet that you make the location shine more brightly! We hope that you enjoy this highlights clip!