Friday, October 16, 2015

Anniversary Project: Jennifer + Matthew

Jen and Matt were married ten years ago in our most favorite time of year, Fall. They had the Fall theme woven into many aspects of their wedding, from the colors in the bouquets and the bridal party dresses to their pumpkin centerpieces and maple syrup in glass leaf favors. Jen was also our first DIY bride. She bought leaves and customized her escort cards. When we filmed her bridal prep, she gave me a handful of leftover leaves to incorporate into the cover art design for her DVD.


Their wedding was also memorable for the dancing. We'll never forget the fun guests had on the dance floor, from the enthusiasm the family showed while dancing to every Michael Jackson song to the friend that did the worm for them twice. It was high energy all night long. We had the opportunity to catch the family on the dance floor again when Matt's sister, Laura, had us film her wedding four years later. It's always so much fun to film a wedding, but even more when the family and guests are having such a great time. This family will always be remembered by us for their energy and fancy footwork!

Jen and Matt's film was the first where we could incorporate the bride's and groom's pets. When they got their video back, they were surprised we were able to capture all of their pets in the video, especially Tyler, their cat that hid most of the time in the upstairs bedroom. We've always thought of our own pets as family members, so we have always made sure that when pets are present as we film weddings that they should get screen time too. Since Jen and Matt's wedding, we have filmed countless weddings where pets have played a role in the film and each time our couples are happy to have the memory of their furry family members in their films.

So, what have Jen and Matt been up to lately? Here is what Jen wrote to us:

Ten years of marriage has been fun, and very challenging. We have three kids, one dog and three kitties.

 Our dog Jake is now quickly approaching 14 years of age.  Our cat Tyler is now 12. We lost our cat Brix to kidney failure almost 3 years ago, so Matt decided to surprise me with our newest kitties, Leo and Ginger. They were rescued from a hoarder who had hundreds of cats in her home and in a storage unit. They just turned two. 

Our son, Nicolas, turned nine in July. Amelia, our daughter, will be seven in December and Nolan, our youngest, just turned four in September. 

I am a stay at home mom now and I love being home with my kids. They are growing and changing so quickly. Matt is still a financial planner and works very hard, so I can be here with the kids. It's not always easy (almost never actually) but I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Congratulations to Jen and Matt on ten beautiful years together!

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