Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Congratulations to Petrina and Kevin

 Chelsea Clinton was not the only vegan to wed in upstate New York on July 31, 2010.  Across the river in Woodstock, two fun, completely adorable and totally in love people were also getting married.  Petrina and Kevin had a lovely, intimate and very personal ceremony at the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary with their closest family and friends in attendance (even the furry ones). 

We really love it when couples do more than just say "I do" at their ceremony.  It really draws your guests in and becomes an emotional experience for everyone there.  It's always special when the bride and groom really say what's in their hearts at that moment.  Though we had only just met them, we felt like we were friends from way back by the end of their wedding.  Not only were Petrina and Kevin welcoming, warm and so full of energy and joy, but their family and all their friends were as well.  There was love all around that day! 

After their touching vows, pronouncement and kiss, Petrina and Kevin surprised their guests by dancing up the isle and racing to position to ride past them on a tandem bike.  They invited all the guests to be in a group photo and then invited them to enjoy the farm before moving onto the reception.  Petrina and Kevin walked the farm feeding, frolicking with and playing with the adorable animals.  

There were several cute moments at the farm including; a visit from the turkeys just after the ceremony, Moby, an incredibly friendly kitty that sat next to me during the ceremony, making the rounds greeting all the guests, the Bride and Groom feeding the pigs and chickens (I learned that they love halved grapes), a rush to the gate by all the goats as Petrina and Kevin approached, Petrina running with Anne (a goat that she helped raise), and my favorite, a few hungry goats that chewed on the bouquet and veil.  Petrina just laughed.  She was more concerned about the goats getting sick than the potential damage to her flowers and veil.  That is one unique bride!

It was such a treat to go to the farm and film all the animals, every one of them so friendly and sweet.  It's no wonder that this is Petrina and Kevin's favorite place.  Below is a very small group of the many animals that are residing at the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary.  It's a great place to visit!

Here is a preview clip of Petrina and Kevin's wedding.  See the love, joy and fun for yourself!

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Here are a few notes on some the special details of their wedding day that I just couldn't resist sharing. 

Kevin hand picked wildflowers the morning of their wedding to serve as the bouquets for Petrina and her Maid of Honor.  This is a tradition in England, where Kevin is from.  Not only is the idea of this so sweet, but also the random variety of the wildflowers held together with a simple ribbon really fit with the farm setting.  It was both rustic and beautiful.

The programs, guest cards, menus, table cards and other stationary needs were designed and printed by Petrina's crafty sister, Colette.  She did a great job!  I especially love the goat silhouette.

There is no rule that states you need flowers for your centerpieces.  Petrina's mom, Ruth and Collette created vegetable centerpieces for Petrina and Kevin's tables.  What a creative and unique way to represent the theme.  They had a variety of designs so each table was a little different.  They were all very colorful and beautiful, especially when the candles were lit. 

The Emerson Resort and Spa was the location for their reception.  What a beautiful location; outdoor space for dinner and dancing and wooded areas with access to the Espous for pictures.  It is nature at it's best and with the sound of the water flowing past, calm and relaxing.  We were along side their photographer, Derek Goodwin, as he took their formals.  Petrina and Kevin are so animated that they not only took the cute pictures that were expected of them, but they also posed for some really fun and unexpected shots.  Two of my favorites are below; their recreation of their first kiss (in the middle) and the Mr. Universe style pose (to the left center).  These guys took a very relaxed and fun approach to their whole wedding day and it really shows in all the footage that we shot.

The menu for dinner was all vegan.  From the appetizers featuring a phyllo cup filled with beet, barley and walnuts to the main course of zucchini stuffed with red quinoa, roasted tomatoes, shallots and pine nuts, everything was yummy.  To top it off, Petrina and Kevin had some very special cakes and other sweets delivered to Woodstock all the way from Bethlehem, PA from a well known vegan bakery, Vegan Treats.  They looked delicious and tasted better.  What an educational culinary adventure all the guests were taken on.  We learned so much that day!

The couple kicked off the dancing at their reception with a choreographed first dance.  This is one of my all time favorite first dances ever!!  Not only was it fun and set to a great song, but it was a real crowd pleaser too.  The guests where both surprised and entertained by it.  They got a great reaction and were even asked to, "Do it again!"

Here is a clip of their super fun first dance.

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Congratulations to Petrina and Kevin on a phenomenal wedding celebration!  Mike and I were so happy to have been asked to be a part of your grand adventure.  We had a blast filming you and your guests and learned a whole lot in the process.  Thank you!

The Production Team.
Ceremony Location:  Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary
Reception Location:  Emerson Resort and Spa
Photographer: Derek Goodwin
Cake, Cupcakes and other Sweet Treats:  Vegan Treats
Officiant: Melanie Joy, Ph.D., Ed.M.
Printed Materials: Colette Katsikas, Essentials

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Mrs. Petrina Butler said...

These pix and clips are just so wonderful! Thank you for posting and thank you for making our day even more fabulous by being there with us and allowing us to take a look back at all the fun! It really wouldn't be the same without you and we are so glad we found you!