Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Family History Film

So many families have old films and VHS tapes lying around unwatched and waiting to disintegrate. Some people take the time to convert them to the latest media, but one of our former brides took it one step further. Joanne came to us with footage her family filmed starting from as far back as the 1940's all the way up to present day and asked us if we could edit her footage into a family film for her.

Though we specialize in weddings, we do take on specialty projects when time permits and when the opportunity came to help Joanne archive her family history, we couldn't resist. It has been a long process and massive undertaking by Joanne and us that is still ongoing, but when we see start to see the finished results, we agree that it's well worth all the effort put into it. Preserving memories is our passion and this is another important element to that.

This is the first clip from Joanne's family history film showing her as a child. We unveiled this and four other clips as a surprise for her and her family at a recent party for Joanne and the reaction from all in attendance was warm and sentimental, lots of oohs and ahs, laughter and a tremendous round of applause at it's completion.

You just never realize the impact and importance a video will have years from now (or in this case, decades). Watching film of you, your parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc... , reliving fond memories and seeing and hearing those who have passed on is priceless.  What a beautiful reminder of your family's history.

We're honored that Joanne approached us with this project and trusted us with her precious family memories. Thank you, Joanne!

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joanne said...

Dear Jen and Mike ,
Your work is exquisite.
This was a very lovely piece that you have done , something that I have always dreamed of being able to do but just didnt know where to go to get it done.... until I found you .
It has already become a family heirloom and I cant wait for the rest of it .
Joanne and Bill White