Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Melissa + Rob: Take Two at Marist and The Walkway Over the Hudson

You can plan every last detail of your wedding from the venue down to the type of fork you eat with, but one thing you can never plan for is the weather.  When Melissa and Rob got married, it rained, so their plans to do photos at Marist College, where they met, changed last minute to group photos in the church and a quick set of photos during cocktail hour when the rain let up.

We wanted to make sure that they had the photo session they intended for their video, so we took them out the following week for a post wedding session with their photographer, Annette.  The great thing about a post wedding shoot is you can take your time and do things you would never dream of doing on your wedding day for fear of getting dirty or mussed up.  You also have all the time you want, so no rushing to fit it all in.  It's all very relaxed and fun and you end up with video footage and photos that might not have been possible on the day of your wedding.

Since Melissa was taking the time to get back in her gown for a second time, I showed up early to grab some shots of her getting back in the dress to start this "Take Two" segment.  When we got to talking about it, I suggested to them that we do more than one location since she was already dressed.  I offered them the opportunity to include a stop at the Walkway Over the Hudson as well since that is where Rob proposed to Melissa.  Once we got them out there, they were having so much fun, they would have agreed to go anywhere in their wedding attire.

There will be plenty more to come from their wedding day, but for now, here is 
Melissa and Rob's Take Two session at Marist College and the Walkway Over the Hudson.
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Anytime we've had a bride and groom on the walkway it's been great.  The crowds are so welcoming and warm.  We had several people give them well wishes and ask to take pictures of them and with them, but the group that really struck us were the cousins visiting from Florida that were creating a human chain across the walkway for a photo.  They asked if Melissa and Rob would join them for a photo.  What fun!

We're so glad that Melissa and Rob decided to go out with us!  We were so excited to go out and shoot it!!  It was so much fun and the footage is priceless!

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