Monday, October 29, 2012

Surprise Zumba: Andrea and Nick's Wedding at The Lazy Swan

We always love it when there are surprises for guests or when one of the newlyweds has a surprise for the other.  We've seen choreographed dances from the bride and groom, surprise parent dances, bellydancers, fireworks, musical performances and surprise candy buffets, but this was a first for us!  Andrea surprised her new husband, Nick, with a Zumba performance at their wedding (and she did it wearing those heels!!!).  Her and the girls suddenly took over the dance floor like a flash mob and amazed everyone with their spot on moves!  So much fun!!  Check it out in the video clip below!

Here is Andrea and her girls performing their surprise Zumba at her wedding.  
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Great job ladies!!  Hope we see more of these!

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