Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Laura + Dave: A Beautiful Wedding at Brotherhood Winery

Laura and David are childhood sweethearts that met at summer camp.  Eleven years later, they walked down the aisle and became husband and wife.


Brotherhood Winery was the setting for this beautiful and long awaited wedding.  This was our first time working at the winery and we were very impressed.  The rustic look was a perfect match to the decor Laura and Dave chose for thier wedding.  Branch centerpieces by Flowers by David Anthony helped accentuate the high ceilings and beams while adding some ambiance and glitz with hanging candles and crystals.


The ceremony took place on the patio under a tent surrounded by twinkle lights and lanterns.  It rained on their wedding day, but that didn't dampen the mood of the day.  Surrounded by family and friends, who were as excited for this day to come as they were, Laura and Dave shared heartfelt, personal vows to each other about their past and future, not only displaying their love for each, but also their incredible senses of humor.  There were quite a few light hearted and humorous moments during the ceremony, like when Dave tried to say his vows twice and Laura said, "I say that" and when Dave went to break the glass at the end of the ceremony and it came skipping down the aisle.  

When we first met Laura and Dave, they told us about a lot of the plans they had for their wedding.  First and foremost, they wanted it to be about family because "family comes first".  We love weddings where family comes first!  Everyone has a part to play and we love to capture those special moments.  The toasts at Laura and Dave's wedding stand out for us because each one was unique to the speaker's personality and offered a look into Laura and Dave's relationship and the relationship with each person speaking.  Laura's Mom and Dad shared their quirky sense of humor by doing a "Top Ten List for Why Laura and Dave are Perfect for Each Other" which showed their personalities, their love for both Laura and Dave and where Laura got her sense of humor from.  Within their toasts, both Gail, Dave's sister, and Adam, Laura's brother, had a sweet story to tell about the new members of their families.  It became very clear as the wedding day progressed that after eleven years together, as a couple and as a combined family, their wedding simply made everything official.

Being big Yankee fans, they were particularly excited about the unique idea they had planned for their introductions into the reception.  They hired a Bob Sheppard impersonator to record their announcements.  It was unexpected and got a huge response from their guests.  Not only did it include familiar phrases like "throwing out tonight's first pitch", "introducing the starting lineup" and "batting cleanup", but they also included the catchy stadium music you would expect to hear.  The crowd went wild!

Other memorable moments from this wedding were the signing of the Ketubah and taking photos with Michael Bloom in the wine cellar museum, seeing the Mad Lib RSVP cards filled out and on display, Dave breaking the glass on a personalized Yankees home plate, Laura taking a fall during the Hora and bravely getting back up for another go, lots of dancing thanks to music provided by the band Alive N Kicking and all the great food which included an amazing buffet of items from Holbert's catering, a gorgeous wedding cake from Homestyle Desserts Bakery and a dessert buffet that included ice cream cones, milkshakes, cookies and other assorted goodies.

Though this clip doesn't include all of the items listed in this article, I hope that it gives you a glimpse into the love, joy and very special relationship not only between Laura and Dave, but also their families.  We were very lucky and happy to be a part of this special wedding!

Here are highlights from Laura + David's beautiful wedding.
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Production Crew
Location: Brotherhood Winery, Washingtonville, NY
Photography: Michael Bloom Photography, Bethel, NY
Caterer: Holberts Catering, Montgomery, NY
Florist: Flowers By David Anthony, Highland Mills, NY
Band: Alive N Kicking, City Island, NY
Cake: Homestyle Dessert Bakery, Peekskill, NY

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