Monday, June 3, 2013

Krystle's Prep

We feel so privileged to get to work with so many great couples and their families and when we hear from them that they loved working with us so much the first time that they had to contact us right away to do another wedding film for them, it makes our hearts truly happy.  We were so excited to hear from Diana, mother of the bride, that her daughter, Krystle was getting married and they wanted us to be there to film it.  We first met this wonderful family when daughter, Stephanie married Andrew in 2006.  We were so honored to be asked to be a part of another family celebration.

   Krystle and Mom on Krystle's Wedding Day                             Stephanie + Andrew on their wedding day in 2006

Many people assume that filming a wedding is a simple job and that there really isn't much to do except be there and film what happens.  I guess for some videographers that would be enough, but we want to create more than a standard, basic and boring "wedding video".  We don't want to just film a wedding, we want to get to know the people.  Not only the couple getting married, but the family, members of the bridal party and their friends too.  It's our job to tell the story of the couple and the people celebrating with them, so we spend a lot of time before the wedding getting to know as much as we can and then, in the process of creating the final wedding films, we learn so much more.  In most cases, we learn so much about a family that when we're asked to do other weddings within that same family or circle of friends, we feel like we're apart of the family already.

Our hope is that the feeling is mutual for our couples and their families, as it clearly is with this family.  They are such a warm, welcoming and fun bunch that I think it would be hard for anyone around them to not feel like they're a part of their family.  It was so wonderful to see everyone again and to meet all the new, adorable and sweet little additions to their family.

Today, I wanted to share a clip from Krystle and Nick's wedding film.  This clip is of Krystle getting ready with her mom and her sisters along with all the adorable children, a hubby or two and a special appearance by grandpa.  It's not often that you see so many kids and guys hanging around with the bride before the wedding.  This is really what filming a prep is all about for us.  Quite often couples select not to have their prep filmed because they think it's just a time to film the bride and all her accessories.  For some videographers, that is what prep is all about.  For us, it's about the interactions, emotions and activities among all the people there too because these are the moments that will be important to look back on in the future.  Hope you enjoy!
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Anonymous said...


I LOVE IT!!!!!! Thank you!!!

Stephanie said...

It was amazing! It brought me back to my wedding with Andrew! It was truly excellent. Great job!