Monday, January 13, 2014

Loren + Dan: A Super Fun Lazy Swan Wedding

We are so lucky that we get to film so many weddings within the same family or the same group of friends! Loren and Dan came to us from one of our most favorite groups of friends.  These girls are all so incredibly sweet and such a super fun group to be around.  Their weddings are all unique to the girls and their styles, but the one thing they all have in common is that each wedding is always so much fun and such a blast to film!  This wedding was no exception!

When we got the email from Loren that she was getting married, we were very excited for her.  We'd come to know her and the girls so well that it felt like hearing from a friend.  From the moment we met with her and Dan, we could feel the energy and love between them instantly.  There was a noticeable change in Loren from the girl that we knew from her friend's weddings.  She was still sweet, happy and beautiful, it was just enhanced by Dan.  They are a perfect compliment to each other.  When they left the meeting, I remember commenting to Mike how cute they were together and then promptly emailed Loren to tell her that Dan was a keeper!  You'll see for yourself in the video clip.  Whenever they are near each other, there is such a look of love and complete happiness on their faces!  

Here is a preview of their wedding day.  Hope you enjoy!
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Production Team

Ceremony Location: St Stanislaus, Pleasant Valley, NY
Reception Location: The Lazy Swan Golf and Country Club, Saugerties, NY
Entertainment: DJ Domenic Entertainment
Cake: Deisings Bakery, Kingston, NY
Cake Topper: Magical Day

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