Saturday, November 15, 2014

Jodie + Adam: Wedding with a View at The Eagle's Nest

When I met Jodie, there was something I immediately noticed about her.  She was smiling and laughing a lot.  Now, it's not unusual for brides to be happy when we meet with them, but Jodie was different, in a great way.  Her joy was contagious.  I could tell in our very first meeting that Jodie wasn't just happy and excited over her upcoming wedding.  Jodie is a genuinely and naturally happy person.  The type that makes fast friends with everyone and someone you feel comfortable with immediately.  Our first meeting lasted close to three hours because we just talked and talked.  When she left, it was like saying goodbye to someone I'd known for years. 

We didn't get the chance to meet Adam until the wedding day, but we did get a glimpse into his personality through photos Jodie and Adam's family sent us for a slideshow we made for them.  We imagined Adam as someone who liked to have fun and who often laughs, just like Jodie, and when we met him, he was just as we had imagined. 

It wasn't hard for us to see what attracted them to each other and we aren't alone.  Everything we thought was confirmed in the heartfelt toasts given at their reception. 

Jodie's aunt, who served as Matron of Honor, said, "What I admire most about my niece is she smiles more than any person I have ever met.  Jodie, you are able to find joy in situations that nobody else would find it in.  And I think what makes it so special is that there's never any meanness or guile or calculation.  And when I met Adam, he too has that type of kindness.  When it gets serious and you want to have an important conversation, Jodie will listen without judgement.  It's this non-judgmental type of attitude that really pulls people into her and again, Adam has a very similar personality."

Her best friend said, "As some of you know, at first I was less than fond of Jodie.  She was always the hot mess. She was always running late for class, taking forever to get ready and she always left Jodie items everywhere.  But as you know, Jodie tends to grow on everybody.  Her contagious smile and all her quirky sayings just really... I don't know.  You get hooked.  I'm not sure which crazy day we became best of friends, but our friendship has grown and bloomed ever since."

Her brother said, "I'm inspired by many of Jodie's qualities.  For one, she never passes up an opportunity to smile.  Throughout all the stresses in her life, Jodie always found something to smile about.  Additionally, Jodie is accepting of people, regardless of their flaws, and she finds something special in everyone.  These qualities are the reason I look up to Jodie, for they are qualities that I certainly aspire to, but don't come as naturally to me, or most people for that matter.  When Jodie met Adam, I immediately noticed how right there were for each other, but I couldn't put my finger on what made them so similar.  I have come to learn that it's these qualities; the ability to find something to laugh about when nobody else can, to find the good in people where it may not be so apparent, that Adam and Jodie share.  As I witness the beginning of this marriage between Jodie and Adam today, I'm left knowing that these virtues and this kind of love make life most worth living and most worth sharing with others."

Every word they said is true.  They are a joyful, loving, honest, silly (watch during their photo session, it's too cute) and sweet couple.  Now that you know a little more about Jodie and Adam, here is a preview of their wedding film, which hopefully displays some of their wonderful qualities.

Jodie and Adam not only share love for each other, but also love for family and friends, nearly constant laughter and good hearts; a perfect recipe for a lifelong marriage.

Congratulations Jodie + Adam!

The Productions Team

Ceremony Location: Temple Sinai, Middletown, NY
Reception Location: The Eagle's Nest, Bloomingburg, NY
Photographer: Rose Schaller, Rose Schaller Photo, Middletown, NY
DJ: Brian Stylez, Stylez Entertainment, Wallkill, NY

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