Thursday, March 19, 2015

Jessica + Micah: A Beautiful Wedding at Home in Woodstock

Jessica and Micah's wedding is one that we will not forget and a great example of why we love filming weddings.  It had everything that you could hope for; a beautiful Catskill Mountain backdrop, personal details, heartfelt toasts, lots of family and friends having a great time, a ceremony which was both serious and humorous and a sweet couple clearly in love.  The energy, love and fun at this wedding was infectious! The weather even cooperated, sort of.

It was very windy that day; the most windy we've ever encountered while filming a wedding.  This made things a bit tricky for a ceremony under a Cuppah, but there was no rain, only a rainbow, and the sun kept creeping in and out as the clouds blew quickly overhead.  It was really gorgeous!

Because they were planning from a distance, we didn't get the chance to meet Jessica and Micah before their wedding day, but the second we arrived to film on their wedding day, we felt welcomed by them and their families and, as the night went on, we learned so much about them through toasts and conversations that we felt like we'd known them their whole lives. Anyone can tell just from watching them how in love they are.  Together, they exude such joy.  It was all clear from their first dance alone. It was so fun to watch.  They danced, laughed, did a Dirty Dancing lift fake out, ended with dip, but most noticeably, they were constantly smiling.  In every first dance there is a moment when the couple locks eyes, are completely in the moment and the look on their faces is complete bliss.  I always look for that moment.  It was tougher to find in Jess and Micah's first dance, but I think I found it in this first shot.

Personal weddings, like this one, are the weddings we love to film the most and the ones that family and friends will always remember and talk about often.  I can't complete this post without sharing two more of my favorite things about the wedding, both by Jessica's Step-Mother.  One was my favorite detail from their wedding; the personalized wooden table markers.  The other was Gayle's toast.  It was not only a personal toast like the others, but it also included several items from Jessica's childhood including her favorite books and a groom that she sewed when she was 8 years old. 

 Congratulations to Jessica and Micah! Here is a look at their wedding. Hope you enjoy!
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Location: Private Home
Photographer: Franco Vogt, Franco Vogt Photography
DJ+MC: Lou Paris, Paris Creative


Gayle said...

You really capture the joy of Jess and Micah's day in this clip! I'm still tearing up, even after watching it over and over. Well done!

Beautiful Memories said...

Thank you so much, Gayle!

Joan Udell said...

Jess and Micah are so special and so was there wedding; It was so good to see the pictures and enjoy again; yes, Gayle and family helped to create a special wedding. Thank you, Joan Udell

Unknown said...

I am so,so happy for the Jess and Micah...I love them dearly...MOM