Monday, July 27, 2015

Beautiful Memories 10th Anniversary Project: Andrea + Nick

Today, Andrea and Nick celebrate their third wedding anniversary as a trio with their son, Blake. If you follow our blog, you may be familiar with Andrea and Nick. We did quite an extensive blog post on the many DIY details from their very colorful wedding and shared a few video clip, including one of the surprise Zumba Andrea did with the girls. Here is a look back at that moment.

So, what have they been up to since their wedding? First and foremost, they became parents. Andrea and Nick are a sweet, super fun, not afraid to be silly couple and they did many fun photos throughout Andrea's pregnancy.

We already knew that Andrea is a crafty and creative gal, but she is also very digitally savvy. She's been dabbling in photography for quite a while now.  With a bit of help from Nick and her mom, she photographed her own maternity pictures.

Along the way, she also documented the growing size of her belly, while holding a chalkboard with some details about the baby's progress, their thoughts and other cool tidbits.


When the day finally arrived, they were excited to finally welcome Blake to the world, one week overdue.  It looks like this click happy couple couldn't help themselves.  I'm pretty sure the photo on the top right is a delivery room selfie.  So cute!

Andrea also documented Blake's first year in photographs, month by month to show his growth. This adorable little boy is going to have the most amazing pictures to share with his kids one day, thanks to mom, with a little help from dad. 

When I asked about how their lives have changed since Blake's arrival, Andrea offered the following:

"Our lives have gone from "easy living" do as we please whenever -in regards to going to dinner, hanging out at the ball field, hanging with our friends, running to the store "quick", etc...  It allllll changes...and it's hard and exhausting BUT we also have been shown the true extent of love. Of course we love each other and our bond is still so strong, but the love and bond we have with our little boy is indescribable. Sometimes we can't imagine having another baby because how can we split that attention and love, but then we think we won't be splitting anything.  It'll all just be doubled; the amount of love, the amount of laughs (and tears), the hugs and kisses, etc...

The extreme change in lifestyle and the exhaustion that comes with it is sooooo worth it. Advice to newly married couples looking to start a family: take that trip you've been thinking about, take a random weekend road trip, go grab some drinks some night together because all that gets tricky. That being said, the new highlights are watching his lil face light up when we bring him to the zoo...when he spots the airplane in the sky...when he sees the swings at the park... life is more about the little things...things we never thought would be such a big deal."

So, when I said that Andrea "dabbles" in photography, it may have been an understatement. She has been taking photos for a while.  Below is a sample of her work. 

Since Blake's arrival, she hasn't been able to photograph for others as much as she'd like, but it's all to spend the free time she has with Nick and her beautiful boy.  This just means that Blake becomes the subject of Andrea's photographic creativity whims. Not a bad life for a cute baby.

When not at work, Nick can be found playing on the softball field, taking apart and rebuilding mopeds or putting together things for his son, like his play set and crib.  Andrea has been spending time rehabbing old furniture pieces for the house, like the dresser turned changing table for the nursery, and, of course, she is often crafting.  This fall they will be attending four weddings, for some of which, Andrea is crafting for showers and parties.

I want to end this post with one final thought from Andrea:

"As Blake gets older, it'll fun to show him the wedding video and see his reaction.  He'll probably tell us we can't dance, we kiss too much, mommy's hair is funny looking and the music is horrible, but he'll be able to see that his life all started with true love and happiness.  Not just between us, but by all the family and friends he'll recognize in the video."

Here are the highlights from Andrea and Nick's wedding three years ago.

Congratulations to Andrea and Nick!

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