Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tiffany Blue & The View

On the day that Laura and Ryan were married, there were storm clouds chasing us every step of the way. We were a little worried that we could get wet at any moment, but in the end, the cloud cover made for some awesome video footage. The theme of the wedding could have been "shimmer! and showers?".
Wedding Film Preview Trailer
We started the day with Laura as she was getting ready. There were a lot of cute moments with her family and bridal party captured on film (some of which you will see in the clip below). Her gown was totally princess with plenty of poof and lots of shimmery sparkle. From her veil to her feet, she sparkled, not only in her clothes and accessories, but her radiant smile, which never left her face.

From there, we moved onto their ceremony at Our Lady of the Rosary Chapel; a beautiful old stone church in Hyde Park near the grounds of the former Hudson River Psychiatric Center. As we waited for Laura and her bridal party to arrive, the storm clouds were moving in overhead, but as if planned, the sun came out when her limo pulled in. Like many of our past brides, Laura had luck on her side and the sun just appeared as if cued.


After the ceremony, we stayed on the church grounds to take some video of their photo session with Vivian Lanzarone of Vivian Photography. What a great location for pictures! There are so many interesting areas, textures, and statuary. The sun was still shining as we made our way onto the reception location for more pictures and then their party.

The reception took place in the tent at The Grandview in Poughkeepsie which came alive with tables covered in shimmery silver linens with splashes of Tiffany blue to match the color of the bridesmaids dresses. Even the cake's fondant had a beautiful shimmer and on top, a simplistically elegant cake topper with that distinct sparkle that I had noticed all day. It was a topper that I had not seen before and it was a perfect accent for their cake.
With the threat of rain all day, we were hoping it would hold off long enough for us to take advantage of the beautiful views. It did rain, but for only a few minutes and thankfully, we had plenty of time to take photos with the view of the Mid-Hudson Bridge before the sky let loose. After the rain passed, it dried up fast and then came the beautiful night sky colors with the clouds creating soft glows and great depth. After agonizing over the perfect shot of their wedding cake and topper, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. When the beautiful red and blue makes purple sky appeared, it was a phenomenal backdrop for them both. That is the advantage of a tented wedding at the Grandview, a grand view from the time your reception starts until you go home.

As the party continued, DJ Domenic supplied the music as they danced the night away and enjoyed many fun moments. The best of them, in my opinion, was when there was an impromptu "choreographed" dance among a handful of guests to Michael Jackson's "Thriller". It was impressive to see people doing such a fine job as dancing zombies and it fit in perfectly with this energetic, party crowd! I'm sure this wedding will provide many more posting to come. Congratulations to Laura and Ryan on a beautiful wedding day!
Wedding Details:
Ceremony Location: Our Lady of the Rosary Chapel, Hyde Park
Reception Location: The Grandview, Poughkeepsie, NY
Photographer: Vivian Lanzarone, Vivian Photography
Entertainment: DJ Domenic, DJ Domenic Entertainment

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