Monday, June 7, 2010

Maeghan and Dan's Arrival and Prep

Here is a segment from our Bridal Bailout winners Meaghan and Dan. It's been a while getting to this edit, but well worth the wait. What a fantastic wedding they had!! It all took place up at West Park Winery in Ulster County. Gorgeous location!

Originally, Maeghan and Dan were not going to have a videographer at their wedding because it just wasn't in their budget. It breaks my heart to hear this from so many couples. Video is one of the first things to be eliminated from a budget to save money, but video is the only way that you get to relive everything in motion and sound, just as it happened. So much goes into planning a wedding; time, money, research, effort... So many of the details are beautiful and precious, but not many of them last past the day itself. Pictures and video are forever and the best way to look back on your day, not just for yourselves, but for your family, friends and future children.

When Maeghan learned of our Bridal Bailout contest, she jumped a the chance to enter hoping to win the free video for their wedding. These guys were so deserving. They are a wonderfully fun, super cute, totally in love couple and I can't imagine their incredibly fun, energy packed and laughter filled wedding not being on video!!

This is the first part of several posts that we will make for their wedding. For the best possible quality when viewing this clip, please allow the video to load fully and then press play. Hope you enjoy!

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