Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Trash the Dress with Marissa and Justin

We couldn't wait for this day to come!!! We have wanted to do a trash the dress for a while now and when Marissa said that she was interested, we got very excited and began dreaming up ideas. Sometimes in a trash the dress session, bride's don't want to get wet or mess up their dress too much, but Marissa welcomed anything! Here are some videos stills from our awesome shoot Memorial Day weekend. This was a BLAST and we are sad that there will be no more shoots with Marissa and Justin. They are an unforgettable couple for so many reasons and so much fun to be around that this was like a party, not work. This is why we love our job so much! I can't wait to edit this footage!! In the meantime, enjoy these stills!

Typically a trash the dress session is all about the bride, but Justin is an extraordinary groom. He came along for the shoot and not only helped his lovely wife in, out and around the landscape, but he also came with his wedding attire so we could get him into some of the shots too. As we were planning, he seemed as excited as Marissa was to get out there again. We didn't know if we could get him in the water with her or not, but we knew that we could get him close. What a treat it was to have both of them there. Although they are still newlyweds, these two have been together for almost 10 years (this July). They are so much in love and you can see it in every shot! Just imagine what they will look like in 20, 30, 40, 50 years!

Marissa was so natural in front of the camera and knew exactly what to do. When we said that it must be natural ability, Justin commented that it was probably due to her watching America's Next Top Model. She could be the next top model! When Marissa got into the water and started splashing around she was having so much fun with it. Determined to get Justin in the water, she even began splashing at him. He decided to take his revenge from the shore.

We were so excited when Justin told us that he used to go to a park where there is a waterfall. Though he hadn't been there in years and we weren't sure what it would look like, we were so happy when we got a look at it. After Marissa climbed over to it and got comfortable, it made for some of the best shots of the day. It is even better in motion and will make a great part of the video!

These guys are so fun and very adventurous. They were willing to climb and crawl anywhere for the best shots. Marissa maneuvered the park very well in her dress and Justin lent his hand to help her and showed her the best paths to take when the terrain was rough. Everyone's legs got a workout that day. Marissa was even climbing after her dress was completely soaked and weighed a ton.

Marissa kept trying to encourage Justin to join her in the water the whole time we were shooting. She even tried pulling him in at one point (see the shot immediately below). When we reached the waterfall she was having so much fun that Justin was tempted to get in too. She was very surprised and super happy when he said to her, "Make room for me." That is the start of a successful marriage for sure. Happy wife, happy life guys!! Remember that! Look at how happy Marissa was!

On the day of Marissa and Justin's wedding, we were there for their formal photography with our good friend Cheryl Bolton-Reuter of Bolton-Reuter Photography. Even though Marissa and Justin set aside time before their wedding for formal shots, we all still felt like we could shoot them all day because they were a joy to work with, the camera loves them and we had so many ideas for cool shots. When we knew that we were going out with them again to do the Trash the Dress, we invited Chery to come along for the shoot too. It's always great when we work alongside our photographer friends. We all bounce ideas off of each other and we all come up with different shots even though we are in the same place. Here are some video stills that I shot from Cheryl's camera as she was reviewing her pictures with Marissa. I can't wait to see her post on this one too. As soon as it is up, I will add a link. (Cheryl's Photo's can be seen here)

We have to end this post with a tremendous thank you to Marissa and Justin who have been a total blast to work with over the past year. We are so glad that you guys were willing to get out in the wilderness and do this shoot with us. It will make for a really great last piece to your video. And for those of you who are wondering, yes, this dress is TRASHED.


Marissa Berryann said...

I seriously had so much fun on Saturday and Justin did as well. I have been approached by so many people who say that they cannot believe I trashed my dress, but I have to say that it is one of the most fun times I have ever had, and I would do it in a heartbeat again...if I had another dress to trash. If you ever wanted to wear your wedding dress again with your husband (or by yourself) I would suggest doing this type of photo shoot. You can be creative and have a lot of fun, like Justin and I did. The only part that makes me sad about the "Trash the Dress" is that Jenn and Mike will not be shooting any more footage of us. I however am not upset at all about the dress. I had an amazing time and will remember it for the rest of my life and I would do anything with Jenn and Mike because I absolutely love their work. Thank you for everything you are seriously the best. We feel so fortunate to have found you and that our memories are not only in our heads but that we are able to relive every moment because of your work. Thank you.

Alethea said...

My sister is the most beautiful bride that I have ever seen, and although I think that she was crazy for trashing such a gorgeous gown, the video was amazing.